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Dan Houser

Group Mgr, Security Advisory
Columbus, Ohio

I enable the business to take on more risk, safely, to acquire new markets, open new countries of operation and make connections that were impossible before. Lift and Shift never really works. I help organizations transition and achieve twice as much with half as much.

I was fortunate to be the architect of the first SAML implementation in the real world, which launched my career in federated identity and applied cryptography, a passion I've pursued for 20 years. Along the way, I created 5 patent technologies for Third-party risk management utilizating x.509 attribute certificates. My passion in innovation is also in volunteering, and helped create the Women in Security initiative for (ISC)2. I combine my love of travel and teaching with this passion, to teach workshops where the proceeds provide scholarships for women in security/IT. I love being able to help train the next generation.

Outside of work you'll find me riding my custom XS650 chopper or cholo vicla lowrider Harley, fists in the wind. I'm an NRA instructor in pistol & range safety officer, and collector of fine bourbons. I love mentoring and helping people around me, which is why I volunteer as a board member of the (ISC)2, instructor and teaching as a guest lecturer. My heart is in Asia, I love travelling to beaches, historical sites, and teaching youth and colleagues while I'm there. Most recently, created and taught a symposia in Phuket, Thailand. Ask me for a bourbon or rye recommendation.